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AZORES ISLANDS: How many cows are in São Miguel?

Ilha de São Miguel in the Azores Islands is where I spent my first New Year holiday in Portugal. It has a one hour time difference from Lisbon and the rest of the country, but hey, adds to the charm! The Azores are another autonomous region in Portugal, with the other one being Madeira - check out my post about that island here.

During my trip, I spent most of my time exploring the natural beauty of the island. Nonetheless, I also had a great time (including a New Year's Eve Party) at the hotel where I stayed in - Pestana Bahia Praia. Again I chose it for its beautiful sea views, which I really like in a hotel, plus it also offers direct access to the beach. It was good for a New Year morning stroll!

There are so many nice spots in São Miguel Island, and I had a great time taking in all the beautiful nature and sceneries that were there. As the title of this post says, that includes a lot, and I mean A LOT of cows along the way. I heard some locals joke that there are even more cows that people on this island, but I don't know how true that is!

Below are some photos of the places I visited during my trip. For airport transfers or private car with a driver, I highly recommend Azores On Travel for all your needs!

Senhora da Paz

Sete Cidades

Lagoa do Fogo


Furnas Lake

Miradouro Pico do Ferro

Miradouro de Santa Iria



Poca Da Dona Beija

Ribeira dos Caldeirões

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