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BOHOL: 3-day Itinerary with Danao & Panglao

The Manila to Tagbilaran flight takes only a little more than an hour, and is the start of a great vacation ahead of you! For this trip, we were able to explore the province of Bohol, including Danao and Panglao.

On the first day, we booked private round trip transfers from our hotel to Danao Adventure Park via Klook! It was convenient, and our driver was on time and professional. He even included a quick side trip to a nice spot where we could take photos at the bottom of Chocolate Hills. Now, fair warning, Danao Adventure Park isn’t for you if you are faint hearted. You just might end up not doing anything at all. But for the rest of you like me, there are a couple of activities that you can do here. 

First, we tried the “SuiSlide” which is basically a long zipline which takes you from cliff to cliff. Next off, we also did the Glass Walk, which was the least adrenaline pumping of the three we did, honestly. There’s basically a glass platform at the edge of the cliff where you can walk. Lastly, the one I’d never forget - “The Plunge” - it was a 75m free fall over a 200m high and 300m wide gorge!  You're basically harnessed and dropped from the side of the cliff, and you'll end up swinging, before being slowly pulled back up. That may seem like an underwhelming summary, but believe me, it was so much more nerve wrecking in reality! Check out some of our photos of that below:

The Plunge

For the next day, we spent a full day going around the top tourist destinations including the Chocolate Hills and Loboc. As expected, we met a lot of tourists in the places we visited. There were long lines and busy places, but we still made the most out of it! Our city tour itinerary was as follows:

* Blood Compact Shrine
* Baclayon Church Ruins
* Tarsier Viewing at Bohol Tarsier
* Man-Made Forest
* Loboc River Cruise
* Twin Hanging Bridge
* Chocolate Hills
* Aproniana Souvenir Shop

Lolo & Lola at Chocolate Hills

Lolo & Lola at Bohol Tarsier

Lola & Lolo at Man-made Forest

Twin Hanging Bridge

Lolo & Lola at Loboc River Cruise

Our last day was spent exploring Panglao Island. We only went to 3 spots since we wanted some time to ourselves at the beach. Also, we didn’t want to over exhaust ourselves since we had a Cebu day tour from Bohol as well. So we chose to do only the following:

* Dauis Church
* Alona Beach
* Bee Farm Restaurant

Lola & Lolo at Alona Beach

Lola & Lolo at Dauis Church

Lola & Lolo at Bee Farm

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