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PENANG: DIY Tour around Georgetown

Penang is an island in Malaysia, and its capital, Georgetown remains a UNESCO World Heritage. The city is home to many old historical buildings and culturally important monuments, yet it may also surprise you that it is a cutting edge city, too. With a growing number of expat population, it is filled with high rise buildings and shopping centers, although of course not depreciating the value of the cultural center of the town. 

We decided to DIY when it came to Penang, and we started at one of the great historic points in Georgetown, St. George’s Church, in which one could note the resemblance to Greek structures by looking at the facade where pillars are lined. It is a must-see when walking around the old Georgetown streets, and luckily, it is strategically located near other places to visit, such as temples and mosques. Not only is that a nice thing for tourists, but it is also in fact a good way to see the harmonious mix of religions around the area.

Just a few steps away, we wandered off to the Goddess of Mercy Temple where you will immediately spot dragons on top of the temple roof. It may be situated in the middle of a busy street, but there are still many people who come to this place of worship. There were even kids outside who would try to chase the pigeons that landed on the ground.

Next stop was one of the more popular mosques in Penang, the Kapitan Keling Mosque. Unfortunately, it was closed when we came by, so we were only able to appreciate its exteriors, which included a high tower near its gates.

St. George's Church

Kapitan Keling Mosque

More walking led us to Sri Mahamariamman Temple in Little India. This was one of my personal favorites - it is a Hindu temple with a very detailed wall tower, so you won’t miss it. Of course, it was very colorful, hence it stood out from where it was located. We also got the chance to see Khoo Kongsi with its intricate details such as elaborate carvings, and its beautiful wall paintings. There was also another temple nearby which was smaller, yet just as visually pleasing - the Yap Ancestral Temple

Overall, you can indeed complete a walking tour of historic streets and culturally-relevant structures in just a day. If you have more time, there are still some sights a little further out (e.g. Penang Hill) which you can check out, but as for me, that's it for now - Until the next adventure!

Sri Mahamariamman Temple

Yap Ancestral Temple

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