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TAAL VOLCANO: Day Hike near Manila

With the scorching heat of Philippine summers, hiking didn't sound so interesting to me this season. However, I still wanted some adventure, and Taal Volcano seemed to be the perfect compromise with a great scenery that you will find only after a not-so-long trek. The drive to from Manila takes only about an hour, and then a 15-minute boat ride to get to the base. 

At the base of Taal Volcano, visitors have the option to take a horse on the trek. It'll also be the time when you put on your hats and your masks since the trek is expected to be hot and dusty. Now when you get to the crater, there are also vendors selling coconut juice, other drinks, and some souvenirs. There are also areas where you can rest while enjoying your coconut before heading back.

Check out a few of our photos from the trip below:

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