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BACOLOD: Lakawon Island + Tawhai Floating Bar

Although I was born in Manila, I lived a good 10 years of my life in Bacolod, Philippines. I may have been younger back then, but I sure remember taking a 45 minute drive outside the city to go to the beach. It was a nice beach, off in an island where there isn't always so much people.

Today, that island I've been to a couple of times has been transformed to be one of the popular beach destinations in the region - Lakawon Island in Cadiz Viejo. A big reason for it may be the Tawhai Floating Bar - you got it right, this is a new concept wherein instead of having the bar by the beach, you have the bar floating in the middle of the sea. 

We got to the island after the 45-minute drive from Bacolod city proper, and a 15 minute boat ride. On the beach, expect to see huts lined on the beachfront and bean bags on the sand. There are multiple accommodation choices such as huts, cottages and rooms fit for a day trip or a couple of nights. A restaurant by the middle is also accessible for food and drinks. As of this writing, there are still parts of the island being constructed, so I guess that's some more improvements to look forward to!

To get to the floating bar, one must pay for the boat ride in the ticketing office. You'll be picked up from the beachfront and dropped off the floating bar. After that, it's now time to officially chill out with your complimentary drink in hand. If you're the more adventurous type, you can also jump off from the deck! But seriously, be sure you know how to swim, and that the currents aren't too strong. Now when you're done, and want to head back to the beach, you can take the boat the same way you got there. It was indeed one of the coolest places to be for a relaxing summer afternoon!

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