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Brunei's way of life is profoundly established in its Malay inceptions, which are reflected in the country's dialect, engineering, functions, and traditions overseeing day to day life. The country's Malay Islamic Monarchy is an exceptionally Bruneian mix of Malay culture and Islam. I came to Brunei not knowing what I'd find, but I left taking one step closer to peace - this country was just so relaxing, breathtaking and amazing at the same time.

Such a beautiful country - very clean, and definitely not overcrowded, then there's this amazing structure, Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque, just wow! It is an Islamic mosque situated in Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of the Sultanate of Brunei. The mosque is frequently considered as a standout amongst the most excellent mosques in the Asia Pacific. Named after the 28th Sultan, it is encompassed by a pond that fills in as a reflecting pool. This being Brunei, the inside is truly luxurious. Next to the mosque is the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Brunei, one of the workplaces in the Cabinet of Brunei. 

Jame'asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque, locally known as the Kiarong mosque, is the largest mosque in Brunei. The inside more than matches the mosque's rich outside. The sheer volume in itself is surprising, also the bunch woven mats over the men's area. When going around this mosque, I had to wear a black robe and walk barefoot. Also, no photos were allowed inside.

A tribute to the Sultan and the great trappings of sovereignty, the Royal Regalia is a well kept museum that focuses on the Bruneian Sultan's life and victories. Another one of the places where no photos were allowed inside, but what was most memorable to me in there was the miniature of one of the most magnificent halls in Brunei.

Other than these top 3 tourist attractions, the Tarindak d'Polo in Jerudong has a semi-shielded swimming pool, an unfathomable grass territory for golf and different exercises, and an eatery that faces the shoreline with its solid and boisterous waves that crashes the shore. The popular Pasar Gadong, otherwise called the Night Market is an extraordinary place to try oout some local street food. 

There is quite a lot more to Brunei, a modest nation with surprising magnificence. The next time I set foot on its soils, it will be for a nature trip - some trekking and exploring Brunei's outdoors.

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