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SYDNEY: City Highlights

Sydney, what can I say? It's the land where I had one of the most delicious (and expensive) steak in Asia. Wonderful and inspiring, Sydney is a city that greets you with positivity and an energy that will keep you wanting to see more. With that being said, this is one of the places that I'd want to come back to when I get the chance to return to Australia. There's a lot more areas in the country that I'd like to explore, but coming back to Sydney seems like a no-brainer too.

Our hotel was located near Hyde Park at the city center. The park is one of the oldest in Australia, and it houses the a war memorial and its centerpiece, the Archibald Fountain. From here, we were able to walk to St. Mary's Cathedral where we found shelter when the rain started falling. When the sun was back up, we headed to the Australian Museum where we were walked through some history, and a nice facade, for a complete experience.

A couple more days into Sydney, and we couldn't miss seeing and visiting the Sydney Opera House - a true monument that often symbolizes Australia, the structure is an architectural masterpiece, making it one of the most iconic places in the world. Near the Sydney Business District, we also had a couple of meals around the Darling Harbour, including a good dessert session at Lindt Cafe where we had some delicious hot chocolate and cake.

Further off the city, there are also a couple of spots that you shouldn't miss. One is Bondi Beach - basically a surfer's haven, but also a top tourist attraction, this popular destination boasts of fine white sand and a beautiful shoreline. Another place that we visited, which also happens to be our last stop, was Taronga Zoo on the shores of Sydney Harbour. It was indeed a family-friendly place to be, where kids and kids-at-heart can explore and visit koalas, kangaroos, tazmanian devils, giraffes, zebras, and more!


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