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Melbourne, Victoria's capital, and respected as the world's most livable city is one where you can find good food with a great variety for foreigners, a local fashion scene, and craftsmanship in every corner. Getting there, I flew to Kuala Lumpur then took a connecting flight to Melbourne. Though that was due to some circumstances, so for convenience, you can check out direct flights from Manila to Melbourne via Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines.

We started our first week in Melbourne with a stroll around the Royal Botanic Gardens. It is considered as one of the best gardens to see Victorian-era landscapes, and undoubtedly, it did not disappoint. Although it was easy to literally get lost in the gardens, it was also as easy to get lost in its beauty as you make your way through lawns and vegetation.  

More walking around the city would lead you to numerous coffee shops and restaurants, all with unique looks and feels to it. Coffee is fantastic, by the way. As most know, Australia has a unique coffee culture of its own. One popular location for coffee in Melbourne is Degraves Street - filled with people and coffee shops side by side, here you can not only taste the difference of Australian coffee, but also have a feel of the culture with it. 

Among other places, most tourists visit St. Paul's Cathedral when in Melbourne. It is a tranquil place of prayer that has been at the heart of city life since the mid 1800s. Historic and magnificent, this neo-Gothic structure is definitely a landmark.

Near this Anglican cathedral, you will find Federation Square. Known as Fed Square to the Aussies, this public space has become a cultural attraction for it is often home to big events, tourist attractions, and well, birds/pigeons, which you'd probably want to keep feeding when you're there.

A last highlight that can be shared from this trip would be the Shrine of Remembrance in King's Domain. It was built as a memorial for those who served during the first world war. As it continues to honor service and sacrifice, the shrine was and remains to be an icon in Mebourne.

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