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COLOANE: DIY Guide from Macao City

Coloane is the island south of Taipa in Macau. The center of the village is Eduardo Marques Square, which is also the best point to start your day here. To easily navigate around the sights in the area, I had with me a useful e-map from the Macao Tourism website similar to the one I got for Taipa. 

From the starting point, you'll easily spot the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier with its bright yellow walls. Just walk a little more, and the next thing you can enter will be the Sam Seng Temple. It is another one of those temples that you might just miss if you're not looking well enough. When you find it, you'll notice that it is quite small and old, obviously been standing for plenty of years.

For breakfast or snacks, Lord Stow's Garden Cafe is just around the corner. There's a take out counter if you want to bring home some egg tarts, and there's also a dine-in area for the cafe where you can take a break from your walking, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy some tarts just like I did.

Eduardo Marques Square
Chapel of St. Francis Xavier
Sam Seng Temple
Lord Stow's Garden Cafe
Back on the trail, my next stop was the Ancient Temple of Tin Hau. I honestly didn't have the easiest time finding this one since it was hidden from plain sight. At that time, I felt like I was walking all the way back to the deserted part of the village when I encountered empty streets and vacant parking lots. When I got there, the place was almost empty except for a family taking photos as well. It was larger than the previous temple, yet I noticed the same elements inside, including the incense.

The last temple I visited in Coloane was Tam Kong Temple, which seemed to me like it was at the very end of the village already. There were lots of people when I came by there. It was also as big as the previous temple, but there were cars parked outside this time. Though I'm not entirely sure if the cars belonged to those visiting the temple or not, since there were small schools and commercial spaces nearby.

Ancient Temple of Tin Hau

Tam Kong Temple

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