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SEOUL: Winter Highlights with Nami Island + Jisan Ski Resort

Skiing was a winter activity that I never thought I'd try. But as I went out of the Philippines to experience my first winter in 2015, I was glad I tried it. I struggled with everything about it at first - the cold, the balance, the equipment - but in the end, it was a whole lot of fun. Jisan Ski Resort was the place I'll remember for I tried it there for the first time. Now, I'm getting ahead of myself.

The first time in Korea during a winter is like going out of the airport and thinking that you left your freezer door open and now it's coming to haunt you for your entire trip. Korea has very cold and dry winters, so you must be mentally and physically (hello, moisturizers!) ready to brave the cold. No snow doesn't mean no cold - it just means no snow.

Putting aside the cold, there's a lot to do in Korea, which makes me believe that a short, less-than-a-week stay wouldn't be enough. Apart from skiing, there are places in the city center, strawberry farms, river cruises and a lot more. 

Nami Island is another one of the highlights, while you need to ride a ferry together, it's not really a long trip, and it's totally worth it. There are Korean restaurants there for everyone's favorite, Korean BBQ! The scenes are beautiful during winter, though I've only been during this season.

Back in the city, we explored only a little of Seoul, and Myeongdong is one of the most popular places there for tourists to go to. Accessible via subway, for some, Myeongdong street would even need a day in itself if you want enough time to visit all the stores, buy all that you'd like, plus eat all the delicious and unique street food that this place has to offer!

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