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MT. PICO DE LORO: Day Hike near Manila

Mt. Pico de Loro was my very first hike, and to be honest with you, I told myself I would never hike again after that. Nonetheless, as of this writing, I've hiked several times again. Hiking Pico wasn't a walk in the park, maybe factor in the fact that I wasn't able to get much sleep the night before, and that I didn't have much physical activity beforehand (ok, none at all).

As this was my first hike, it was also my first adventure with Trail Adventours. They're currently my go-to for hikes, and I've also recommended them to my friends (recommended meaning I dragged some of my friends to hike with me, and they loved the experience with them, so they're booking with them as well). It was a well organized hike with very patient guides who dod not leave me to die when I felt like I couldn't go on any longer. Also, thanks to their guides, I realized my mistakes for this first hike and didn't repeat them again.

The terrain of Pico isn't grassy, so there's a lot of rocky parts, going up and going down. There's a stream somewhere, and I recall on my way down, I was listening for the water, which meant I was nearing the base. The last few minutes of the hike to get to the peak was very steep, and it was one of the challenges. (I can't say how the monolith climb was since I didn't do it.) But before you climb to the peak, there's some time for you to rest or eat below. Since I was able to make it to the peak with my very sedentary lifestyle, I'm sure any of you can do it! 

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