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It will be a long time before El Nido in the Philippines is outranked as my personal favorite vacation destination. To get to this paradise, take a flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa. From the airport there, you'll have many options waiting for you to get you to El Nido. Generally, it will take you around 6 hours by land to get there, but it's definitely worth it.

In El Nido, there are standard island hopping tours that departs daily. You can get one easily from your accommodation, or if they don't host it, they'd usually take care of finding you one. The options are different by the locations that the trip will stop in (options are A, B, C, D) and almost all operators that offer the tour share the same price as regulated in the area.

I'm backtracking this trip up on the blog, so I don't recall which tours exactly we got, but check out the locations and photos below and you might get an idea. Here are the highlights of our El Nido trip:

A memorable El Nido sunset by the beach
One of the islands during Island Hopping
Secret Lagoon (and hey, it's me!)
With my friend Jean in this trip
Cathedral Cave
Snake Island
Snorkeling with Jean and that floater!
Fruits and vegetables..
Seafood and some pork, too!

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