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BATANES: Island Highlights

This year, I have been very fortunate to be able to visit one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines - Batanes. This island up north is still my favorite of all the places I've been to because the views and scenery were just so unreal. It felt like pictures have come to life with every stop I made in the island.

I have more photos than words in this post, but that's just because words can't even be enough to describe how majestic the place was. I would go back there again and do an entire tour another time if I could. It was that beautiful. I just wish more people could see it for themselves, and for more people to experience it as well.

The Batanes island doesn't have a lot of beaches where you can swim although it is surrounded by bodies of water. Take Boulder Beach for example, wherein swimming isn't allowed due to the danger. But as you can see in my photo above, the view is great from when you're sitting in one of the boulders in the beach. I could still remember that the waves were so strong and the water was so blue.

There are a lot of mountains also, to say the least. There are hills as well, and climbing them had been really tiring, but seeing the views when I'm already on top just made me so happy. The climbs are worth it, I tell you, You may do a lot of it in Batanes, but just look around, and you'll slowly begin to see what you're climbing for.

Nature has just blessed this place so much. In the photos above is Morong Beach, which is nearby a quaint restaurant where tourists usually stop by. The great thing besides seeing the famous arc is that tourists can take a break and swim in the beach here. This is one of the beaches where it's safer to swim, and where you can experience the clear blue waters that surround the rest of the island.

Everything in Batanes was very scenic. One of the greatest views I got was in Marlboro Country. There were horses in the hills, and although more walking was required there, you'll see the beauty almost right away. Another notable area would be Sabtang Island, which is off the main island in Batanes, so a boat ride has to be taken to reach it. In my opinion though, the boat ride (that was bumpy and a little scary) was all worth it because the most beautiful areas I saw in the trip were all there. The stone houses were mostly there, and that is one thing you should not miss.

All of it was worth it, and it would all be something I'd recommend. It was a great experience that I will never forget, and it just takes some proper planning so that it doesn't put a hole in our pockets. But if any chance comes to go, well there shouldn't be anyone saying no.

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