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PICO DE LORO COVE: Beach Trip near Manila

From the drive-in view to the beachfront, our stay at Pico Sands Hotel (a Batangas beach resort within Pico de Loro Cove) was one of the first vacations I took while I was already working. You know, the beauty of vacations when you're employed is pretty blown up now compared to when you're a student or when you're retired, maybe. Anyway, moving forward with that in mind, this beach trip would be a nice start if you'd like to go out and take a break from the real world. There's bowling, karaoke, a beach, a bar, and so much more. Below are a few highlights (more like sceneries) from the trip:

Serene view and perfect scenery in Batangas
Overlooking Hamilo Coast
Scenic view of the mountains
Dominating view of nature in Pico de Loro

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