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Year 2013: Investments

The year 2013 just ended, and I'm speeding through the last leg of my teenage year as well. Looking back, the year was very notable for me because of the wide range of experiences I gathered just in a span of one year. I've jumped chapter to chapter so quickly that viewing it from a high level can still overwhelm me up to this day. At times, I do catch myself saying that 2013 isn't my year for various reasons, but that still doesn't discount the fact that the year could still have some meaningful highlights for me nonetheless.

With last year's LA Majority Leader and Chief Legislator, respectively
Tapat Running EB 2013 at the Science & Technology Complex
I could probably say that I started the year finally defining my college life, especially since it was ending then. With the involvements and engagements I went through to do that, I was certain that it made me happy. As I embarked my last term in the university earlier up to later during the year, I wanted to spend more time for myself in a way that I'd get immersed in other things external to university life. I was able to do that in a minimal level, and it could have been more, given that I change a few decisions I made back then. From all things personal to work-related, I set my feelings aside when I should've just played it, and I let my feelings decide when it shouldn't have been a reason in the first place. I've had my share of good investments on experiences, but that doesn't mean that I don't have regrets just like in every year.

Freshmen Elections 2013 with Tapat Core and Candidates
TUPH Christmas Party with the Operations Team
Moving forward, I'm simply glad that I got to inspire people during my last few months as a student, enter the real world with ease, and even find time to travel, although not a lot, but definitely more than I did before. I can say that I've properly invested in a good education and holistic experiences. Both of which go very well as foundations to the career I want to have, and hopefully I've started it right. As 2014 opens, I wish to do more, starting by developing myself and devoting time to self-growth. I can see a lot of beginnings in 2014, and can only hope that they are good ones.

May hope flourish this 2014 and forge the pathway for our dreams to come true. I can only pray that the future that each of us holds in our hands may find the way to influence the greater scheme of things. As for me, I still have many dreams left unfulfilled, but I'm on the way to reaching them as I take on one goal at a time. And because last year is bound to have put me at a good start, there's no point in going any slower this year. Godspeed, 2014!

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