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Behind the Scenes of General Elections

I never really got the chance to blog about General Elections (GE) from a very personal perspective. It's not that I'm in a post-GE hangover right now (not that I'm denying being in a post-GE hangover either), it's just that apart from having been wanting to, I feel like I just need to. All of my March posts have been about the platform, the Miting de Avance, and the college president - MY College President, Gab. Now you can look at this post as a "behind the scene" perspective of everything that was GE. So I'll start this off by saying that maybe some of you think that after all that's happened, I'm drowning myself with regret at this point in my life. Well let me correct that, and tell you that it's 3:28am here in my watch, and I can proudly say "No, I do not regret anything."

GE was a very imperfect picture for me back then because it's something you go into without any assurance at all. I booked myself for a two week adventure of educating my college with our campaign, but along with that, I somehow had to book myself for training daily, balancing acads and getting stressed as well. Along the way, I guess I can say that all of us felt the burden of all the negative things about being in our position. But along the way as well, the bond of the 10-0 slate grew stronger. We became more than just running mates, we became really good friends, and we became each other's support system. Through all the sleepless nights, overspending days, way-too-many sleepovers and random eating, I went beyond many boundaries that I didn't even know I had until I had to go beyond them. No joke, it was really fun! To our messed up sleeping patterns, well, it got us saying really weird things that we don't even remember saying. I'll definitely miss both the very intellectual conversations, and the not-making-very-much-sense ones. I'll also miss staying in the condo with 10 crazy salmons, but I might not miss eating canned goods for a week. Sorry! That's why no matter the results, and no matter what others think, I still believe in a 10-0. I got to know nine awesome people who also made me know myself even more. I got the chance of a lifetime with the people that I'll also remember for a lifetime. With them, I will continue to know that I am not fighting this battle alone.

(L-R) Lady Gaga, Tinee, Patty, Pat Lo, Droga Angel, Thea, Jeje Sarah, Lea, Baby Jasmine & me
Like I've told many early on, there will be no compromise from my part this year. Why? Because now is not the time to throw away all we've worked for, now is not the time to stop believing, and now is not the time to stop the fight for a just and free society. It sounds like such a big idea, and looks just as hard to do. I know. But when I see the face of each person I've spent GE with, I can't think of any reason to regret having to work for it to become a reality. Because behind the picture perfect candidate, there's an even more perfect support system that catches him at his worst, and helps him be that candidate that everyone expects him to be. You know who you guys are, thank you! I'm truly going to miss GE, and I'll never forget it. It was what I expected it to be, and even more. Given the chance, I'd do it all again.

If there was one thing that I could say about my running mates, it's that they've made all of us so clingy to each other. If this were a relationship, and a break-up would occur, there is no room for moving on! But then again, I realized that this kind of relationship is one that needs no moving on. This is the kind of relationship that you will carry with the rest of your life forever.

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