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Year 2011: Friendship

It was 2011 when I last updated my blog posts. Now I'm here trying to paint everyone a picture of where that year has brought me. So, I'll start with this.

I think that the only good thing about stress is the company of friends who carry the burden with you. (Hi, friends!) Hahaha. This post is officially beginning with no direction. It aims to update my blog, but ultimately seeks...well, I haven't figured out that part yet.

(L to R) Jam Padilla, Patty Gamboa and Cedric Yabyabin
During this last term of my second year in DLSU, I'm taking a full load of majors. Whoa, right? To those who think a Liberal Arts course, specifically Psych, is chill...think again. Anyway, I strongly believe that if I didn't have any co-curricular activities to enjoy, I'd instantly die this term. Really, it's true because at least at the end of the day, there's still something to look forward to. 

(L to R) Patty Gamboa, Tinee Cruz and Jam Padilla
It's especially a thing to enjoy for me because I love the people I'm working with! Truly, it is very often that stress comes our way, but it becomes comforting to know that we're in it together, and we'll all get through it, leaving no one behind. Handling stress that way actually helps because it's not easy in the first place. So, what more alone? That's the logic I'm working with here.

(L to R) Jam Padilla, Tinee Cruz and Curt Delfin
I can't wait to get this term over with, but at the same time, I find this term so exciting. I'm often ironic that way. Sitting in class is just so boring most of the time that I'm rushing to end the class so that I can do something else like work with my friends. It's not all fun, but it's all manageable because I've got insanely crazy, weird, goofy and seriously smart, talented and wise friends. I guess the point should be clear by now because that's about it. (It's a little past 2 am here.) So, I'm keeping this short.

(L to R) Cedric Yabyabin, Tinee Cruz and Jam Padilla
Finally, can I just say that: This post ultimately seeks to tell everyone how absolutely great my friends are amid the stress of everyday school life. It was difficult to just blog along without direction at first, but at least I found it. And when I did, everything just fell into place. Amen.

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