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We Can Be Anything

All we need is an opportunity. We need a chance at something great, and we need a hope for something better - we need education. In order to achieve this need, resources must be available. This is what "We Can Be Anything" is all about. It's about providing that opportunity by improving the situation of education in the Philippines. The partnership between the Ninoy and Cory Aquino Foundation and the Foundation aims to complete 10,000 classrooms in the span of two years.

Together we can live it 'cause there is no limit.

Supporting this campaign is Black Eyed Pea's from the Philippines. However, it's not all up to him. Alongside, we should join this movement to a more progressive system of education. This move is a indeed a great contribution to every poverty-stricken Filipino's hope and chance at a better future.

NCA Leadership Journey Graduates at Apl's Press Con

Each one of us can help provide an opportunity for our fellow Filipinos who need it. In that way, each one of us can be a hero. If you want to help, all you have to do is visit for details. In whichever sector or group we are in now, we have a responsibility. Nevertheless, we still have a bigger and much greater responsibility to our country and to our society as a whole.

The "We Can Be Anything" Website

For many, the dilemma is that not all opportunities knock twice. But then again, we should remember that for some, the dilemma is that the opportunity does not come at all. We can change that. We can be a hero. We can be anything.

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