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The Great Impact of a Decision

I'd like to take this time to blog when I still feel like I have something to say. I don't hope to sound boring if this takes long, but sorry if I can't help it :) From the title, you can already see what this is going to be about.

Honestly, I didn't think that a simple decision could change so much. It's not just my life at present that it has affected, but the future as well. I can never be completely sure about what's going to happen tomorrow or next month or next term, but what I do know is that it won't be the same as before. I really don't like assuming things especially of the future, but there are things that can't be denied no matter how hard you try to push it away. Anyway, I really don't like thinking about it because I just want to enjoy the present moment, and cherish it. Yes, truly I'm happy with where I am, and confidently, where I'm going to be. I didn't make a decision instantly or with a snap of my fingers, I thought about it and made sure than when I have decided, I can surely say that I am where I am supposed to be. Indeed, I have reached that point.

My decision was not made to please, disappoint nor hurt anyone. Regardless, I had to make it. I believe it was grounded on good reasoning and critical thinking, and therefore I can say that it was a well-informed choice. Some may think otherwise (for sure), but they are not me. However, I know that no matter how many times I speak of the truth behind my actions, some people will still judge and fail to believe in what I say because I am no longer "with them". With that, this is my statement: I am my own self, able and willing to make smart choices for myself.

No matter what, I'll still be myself. I don't want to burn bridges because I authentically treasure the friendships that I've made, and I will always be real to that. I just hope that it's not a one way thing wherein I stay real, yet what I get back is mere pretense. I'm also not the kind of person who'll start a fight may it be in the form of a verbal war or a silent war. Now that I've mentioned it, I'd just like to say that this blog is my form of self-expression, and is in no way a message directly targeted to anyone in particular.

I'm not sure if others think the same, but I'm sure that I did my part properly. In time, everyone will know and everyone will see. But for now, there is no basis for calling me a coward because all I did was stand up for my decision because I truly believed in it, even if that's not what many would have wanted me to do. That does not make me a coward. That just makes me an open-minded individual who went against the flow not because I became afraid, but because I saw a better direction and a bigger end goal which I can contribute to.

Lastly, this blog is definitely longer than my usual essays. There's a reason for that. I'm passionate about this. I'm not going to turn back, and I'm going to take the full course of this road ahead of me. And while I'm still only a few miles on this road, I want to make sure that I have cleaned up whatever I had left behind.

Again, as you can see from the title, this is not about regret. It's about a decision. It's about the great impact that it has made in my life.

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