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Year 2010: Carefree

And so this is how my first 2011 blog goes - the thoughts for a new year. As I'm currently listening to adults who I think are drunk sing Careless Whisper, I think to myself "What a New Year's eve song choice. Guilty feeling gots no rhythm."

I capped off my year 2010 by having tons of fun during the night out with my friends yesterday. We found a new guy best friend, Senny! He goes a long way, and yes, just for reference sake, we had an old guy best friend. Now though, our new best friend's more up to the partying and bar hopping thing, and plus that he can drive his own car! Hahaha.

Club Sibeeria, Bacolod City
December 30, 2010
Kidding aside, it was all fun. Even if everyone was drinking, and I mean everyone, t'was a good night. It's prolly one to be repeated. I missed my Bacolod friends a lot, and it's just sad that after this vacation, it might be another year before I see 'em again. I'm stuck in Manila for another year - make that I'm stuck in DLSU. Not that I don't like the school, okay?

But on a more serious note, my year would've been better if I didn't meet some people I met, didn't do some things I did, and didn't say some things I said. Because of that, I can say that the year was a careless one for me, which includes it in a good perspective as well. Maybe I could get my point across if I worded it better, and I guess I'll try that again - I can say that the year was a carefree one for me. Yes, carefree would be a suitable way to define how I spent 2010. But then again, that's that. I'm just keeping my hopes up for a better 2011. And since my WiFi sucks right now, this is posted kinda late. But still, Happy New Year!

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